Size Reduction
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in-line crushing

off-line crushing

Roller mill
Ball mill
Centrifugal Impact Mill (Pin Mill)
Attrition Mill
Universal Mill
Cone Mill
Super Jet Microniser

Centrifugal Impact Mill

• Controlled particle sizes down to -200 mesh and is used primarily for friable materials.
• Rotating impactor pin/disc assembly for fine and ultra fine particle reduction, declumping applications @ slower speeds.
• Design efficiency produces high throughput rates per horsepower requirements.
• Typical applications: chemicals, foods, resins, powdered metals, spices, sugars and grains, clays, vitamins.

Attrition Mill

• Gives controlled particle sizes down to -200 mesh (75 micron) and is used primarily for friable materials.
• Designed to process both friable and non-friable Material.
• Rotating single or double disc powered runner mill for precise fine grinding applications.
• Shaft mounted grinding plates: adjustable constant spring-pressure assures product uniformity, marrow spectrum particle size to 200 mesh.
• Typical applications: wood flour, chemicals, plastics, feather curling, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, powder metals, de-germinating, corn grinding.

Universal Mill
• hardness up to 3 Moh
• 30 to 500 micron

 Universal And Air Classifier Mill
• average 20 micron
• one pass milling 10 – 100 micron

Cone Mill

• In-line vacuum conveying systems
• Continuous dust-tight operation
• Can be swung off-line to the side

Application example:
- Pharmaceutical wet granulation
- Pharmaceutical dry granulation
- Biscuit  and confectionary re-work
- Pharmaceutical tablet reclaim
- Detergent tablet reclaim
- Mint crystal grinding
- Milk powder de-agglomeration

Super Jet Microniser (APTM)

• Fluid energy mill
• No moving parts
• ultra-fine powders with ranges of 0.5-5 microns average size, being also effective for sizes up to 50 µm
• can also blend, mix and disperse ingredients, dehydrate, deodorize, and coat products with colors, sugars, vitamins, oils or waxes.
• promote chemical reactions such as oxidation and calcination or inhibit chemical modifications of sensitive materials through the use of compressed inert gases like nitrogen or argon

Application example:
 -Cosmetic (100 – 150 micron can be distinctly felt, while below 20 micron  exhibit a supremely smooth touch)


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